Glide IaaS: pioneering affordable connectivity for schools



In the ever-evolving landscape of digital learning, schools need solutions that are both effective and economical. Glide's innovative offering of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) promises to revolutionise the way educational institutions manage their IT needs.

Understanding Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is a comprehensive solution that includes the physical and software components, and also ensures that they are interconnected within the organisation and with the internet at large. This enables organisations to leverage a full spectrum of IT capabilities without the need to fund a large upfront cost and maintain their own physical infrastructure.

At Glide, we understand that a school’s network is its lifeline, connecting educators and students to a world of learning opportunities. That’s why our IaaS includes all aspects of network connectivity, from the local intranet within the school premises to the broader connections linking multiple sites, and the content and applications necessary for you to deliver exceptional education for your students. . This seamless integration ensures that every classroom, lab, and library is a gateway to the secure, safeguarded internet.

Glide's commitment to affordability

Glide Education provides our IaaS solution for less than 1% of a school's funding. Considering that the average UK school allocates a significant portion of its budget to ICT, Glide's proposition is not just attractive; it's a game-changer.

Let's break down the numbers. Let's consider the average school's pupil funding of £7,500 a year. Glide's promise to deliver services for under 1% of funding means that schools can receive a complete refresh of their network infrastructure for less than £75 per pupil annually with no upfront cost. This cost-efficiency enables schools to redirect funds towards other critical areas, such as curriculum development or staff training.

The strategic advantage

By leveraging Glide's IaaS, schools can enjoy several strategic benefits:

Scalability: As school needs grow, Glide's infrastructure can seamlessly scale to meet demand without the need for additional capital payments.

Flexibility: Glide's connectivity services allow for quick adjustments to the changing educational landscape, such as new applications, safeguarding developments, and cyber threats.

Maintenance and support: Glide assumes responsibility for the maintenance and updates of the IT infrastructure, freeing up school IT staff to focus on supporting teachers and students.

Embracing the future with Glide

Glide Education is not just offering a service; it's providing a pathway to the future of education. With affordable IaaS delivering high-quality ICT, schools can embrace digital transformation, ensuring that students have access to the latest educational technologies without straining their budgets.

As we look ahead, it's clear that Glide Education is setting a new standard for educational infrastructure. Our commitment to affordability and excellence supports schools in their journey towards a more connected and technologically advanced future.

Glide Education's approach to IaaS exemplifies how innovative thinking can lead to practical solutions that address the core needs of educational institutions. By offering services for less than 1% of a school's funding, Glide ensures that every school, regardless of size or budget, can step into the digital age with confidence.