FTTP Broadband service



Guaranteed speeds, improved reliability, and future-proof connectivity    

What is FTTP Broadband?

FTTP stands for ‘Fibre To The Premises’ and it is interchangeably referred to as ‘Full Fibre’ or ‘Ultrafast’ broadband that can deliver bandwidth speeds up to 1Gbps currently with multi-gigabit speeds soon to be obtainable.  

An FTTP connection is a pure fibre connection from the exchange into your business, where's FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband is part fibre, part copper cable. FTTP uses fibre optic cable across the entire distance of your business, the following result is the ability to deliver broadband speeds far higher and more reliable than a typical FTTC connection. 

FTTP enables your business to work to its fullest potential, even at the busiest times. Once installed, FTTP is far more stable than alternatives and delivers committed speeds regardless of the distance of the cable it runs over guaranteeing speeds. Another benefit of a full-fibre connection is that there is no longer a need for an old-fashioned phone line, the copper connection becomes unnecessary, so you don’t need to pay for line rental.  

The availability of FTTP across the Uk is increasing over time, with Glide's help there is an increase in fibre cities in the UK like Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff being just the start! 

Benefits of FTTP

More speed

Faster speeds increase the reliability in transmitting signals along the fibre cables. This means that uploading and downloading speeds are faster than other fibre-based products. This means that high-quality media can be streamed seamlessly, cloud-based apps run without crashing and integrated VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols) phone calls can run without dropping off. Businesses can work at maximum capacity without cause for concern about internet drop-off, lag or buffering, a direct result of reduced latency from FTTP-based broadband packages.  

Increased reliability

FTTP connections are one of the most reliable connections, they are immune to interference from power lines, lightning, and deliberate signal scrambling that could be experienced by copper lines carrying traditional broadband services to the premises. With this FTTP broadband services deliver greater bandwidth speeds and are more reliable, not to mention that fibreoptic cables are more durable than copper, lasting longer with the first 40 years without the need for a service.  


FTTP acts as part of the future of broadband and connectivity, offering users seeds that are unlimited, offering gigabit speeds with the potential to reach terabit speeds into the future. The increased capabilities have a symbiotic relationship with the productivity and output of many businesses and removing the reliance on patchy connections that may drop out when using a copper based PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) network can benefit many businesses and asset classes alike 

Business essentials

FTTP enables companies to benefit from efficiency improvements and cost saving over improved online, sales, marketing, ordering and invoicing services as standard to enhance productivity. More than this, the high speeds empower building owners of innovative asset classes and managers alike to tackle ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and net zero goals through the implementation of internet-based technologies with low latency enabling software that can monitor and control output and waste in real-time. FTTP broadband and infrastructure ensure productivity and empower ideas of the future. 

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