Tips For Moving Into A New House in 2022: Student Guide



When you’re a student, moving home can be super exciting.

You get a fresh start in new surroundings, meet new people, make the most of new opportunities and enjoy a comfortable new pad.

If you want to make the experience fun and stress-free, there are several things you need to take care of before you throw that housewarming party.

Before your arrival

Change of Address

Make sure the right people know your new address so that bills, parcels and other documents can go to the right place. Change your address with your uni, bank, car insurance company, utility companies and any online shopping or subscription platforms you use such as Amazon. Most of this can be done online with just a few clicks so it’s hassle-free.

Keep Hold Of the Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is important! Make sure you read it thoroughly then pop it somewhere safe so that you can refer to it in the future if needed. It contains all the terms and conditions of your tenancy so can help you avoid future problems with housemates or your landlord.

Discuss Bill Splitting With Housemates

Avoid future stress or being landed with a big, unexpected bill by having a chat with your housemates about who is responsible for each of your utility bills.

You could decide to each take responsibility for one bill or split everything evenly. If this sounds like yet another headache, ask us about our student bill splitting app and we can take care of it for you.

The Day You Move In

Take Photos For Evidence

Before you start unpacking your stuff and enjoying your new space, walk around the property and make sure it’s as you expected when you signed your contract. Take photos as you go so you have proof of the condition for future reference.

If anything is damaged, dirty or missing, take a note of it and ask your landlord to address the issue. This may seem like extra hassle when you just want to chill but it could help protect your deposit when you finally move out.

Organise Your Space Between Housemates

Everyone needs their own space when sharing a communal house. So make sure to sit down with your housemates and discuss how to do this best so you can avoid conflict.

Start to think about the most important communal areas like the kitchen space, fridge and freezer then move on to the living room. Will you allow everyone to add their personal stuff? Will you allocate certain areas to certain people? Do you need to label the food in the fridge?

Sort Out Parking

If you or your housemates drive, you’ll also have to think about where you’re going to park your car or bicycle. Do you have allocated spaces? How many? How will you split this between your housemates? Is there room inside the property or yard to store a bike? If so, where?

Food Shop

When you actually move, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget to eat anything until your stomach starts rumbling and you start feeling ‘hangry’. It’s always a good idea to think ahead and treat yourself to a DoorDash or UberEats, then head to the supermarket to stock up.

Moving Forward

Make Friends With Neighbours

You’re part of a new community! So don’t be afraid to go and knock on your neighbours’ doors and get to know those who live around you. By doing this you could build new friendships, feel more comfortable and perhaps be there for each other if you ever need it.

Figure Out Important Dates

Do you know when you need to pay your rent? How about your utility bills? Or when your bins get collected? Find out when these happen then take note and make sure everyone in your new home knows. It can be worth getting a cheap calendar and hanging it somewhere visible to ensure you’re all on the same page.

Follow the tips we’ve shared here and moving to your new student pad should be exciting and fun! If you need extra help with your student energy and utility bills, get in touch today.