The Importance Of 4G Backup



In today's increasingly digitised world, constant connectivity is more crucial than ever.

An interrupted internet connection can lead to significant losses, especially for businesses.

The cost of internet downtime has increased in recent years, with many businesses totally relying on wireless workloads to run critical business functions.

This is where 4G backup comes into play, ensuring business continuity even when broadband becomes patchy or goes offline completely.

Let's explore the world of 4G backup and its importance.

What Is 4G Backup?

Robust internet uptime is a business imperative. While modern broadband coupled with cutting-edge WiFi infrastructure has reduced downtime to near nil, it’s impossible to account for all situations without a 4G backup.

4G backup provides an alternative route to the internet when your primary internet connection goes down, whether from a local or regional network issue, cyber-attack or something else.

  • How It Works: When the internet goes down, even if temporarily for minutes or even seconds, a 4G backup kicks in to keep connections online. Devices would intuitively recognise the disruption and swiftly reroute the connection over the 4G network. This ensures that your online activities face minimal disruption, and in many cases, you might not even realise the switch happened.
  • Temporary Solution: It's important to note that while 4G backup is a powerful tool, it steps up mainly in times of need. It's not there to replace your primary connection but as a temporary bridge. As soon as your primary internet connection returns online, devices should seamlessly revert to their original connections.

Why Is 4G Backup Important?

Seamless business internet connectivity is paramount. Losing productivity for mere minutes can significantly impact when scaled up across a whole business premise or department.

Here’s why a 4G backup is important:

  • Unpredictable Outages: Internet outages can be unpredictable. Reasons can vary widely – from routine network maintenance and infrastructural issues to unforeseen disruptions caused by natural disasters like floods. And while we can't always predict these outages, with a 4G backup in place, we can be prepared for them.
  • Preventing Loss: Time is money, especially in the business world. Picture an e-commerce website facing an outage during a peak shopping hour or a financial institution unable to process transactions due to a connectivity glitch. The potential monetary loss can be staggering – up to £1 million an hour for Fortune 1000 companies. With 4G backup, businesses can ensure that their operations remain unaffected, even in the face of unexpected internet interruptions.
  • Peace of Mind: There's an undeniable comfort in knowing you're covered. Whether you're streaming a live event, hosting an important virtual meeting, or running cloud workloads, knowing there's a backup plan offers peace of mind.

Benefits of 4G Internet Backup for Business Continuity

Business continuity has become exceptionally important in today’s highly digitised business landscape. This applies to virtually all businesses, from shops taking payments via wireless card readers to advanced manufacturing plants with IoT networks.

A 4G backup offers continuity when primary connections go down:

  • Always-On Connection: Even during an internet outage, businesses remain connected, ensuring operations continue seamlessly.
  • Maintaining Reputation: Consistent connectivity ensures clients and customers have a reliable experience, reinforcing a company's reputation.
  • Remote Work: Especially relevant today, a 4G backup ensures remote employees remain productive even if their primary internet connection fails.
  • Secure Transactions: For businesses handling online transactions, a 4G backup guarantees that these processes continue without any disruptions, ensuring security and trust.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Businesses that rely on real-time data and monitoring can't afford downtimes. A 4G backup provides the necessary support to keep these systems online.

4G Backup Solutions With Glide

Glide, as a leading provider of connectivity solutions, understands the importance of uninterrupted internet access. Our 4G backup solutions are tailored to the needs of businesses across virtually all sectors and industries.

  • Easy Integration: Glide's 4G backup solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing network setups, ensuring a smooth transition in case of outages.
  • Affordable Packages: Understanding the varied needs of businesses, Glide offers a range of packages, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.
  • Superior Coverage: Leveraging extensive 4G networks, Glide's backup solutions promise extensive coverage, ensuring that users remain connected no matter where they are.
  • 24/7 Support: In the unlikely event of issues with the 4G backup, Glide provides round-the-clock support, ensuring that users are never left in the lurch.
  • Custom Solutions: Recognising that one size doesn't fit all, Glide offers bespoke 4G backup solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

In Summary

In an age where connectivity permeates virtually every business function, having a backup plan is essential.

A 4G backup provides that much-needed protection, ensuring continuity even when primary internet connections falter.

Glide offers cutting-edge 4G backups designed to offer seamless internet connectivity, cutting downtime to as close to nil as is realistically possible.