Unleashing the Power of Cloud Connect: A Comprehensive Guide



What Is Cloud Connect?

Cloud connect is a direct connection between your private network, and your cloud services.

Previously, connections to the cloud were from a public network - however this is changing and new technologies have enabled customers to enjoy better security, higher performance and a more reliable service.

The Evolution of Cloud Connectivity Technologies

When looking at the evolution of cloud connectivity technologies, it’s useful to look at the transformation between:

  • Mainframe computing
  • Cluster computing
  • Grid computing

Grid computing is the most significant when looking at modern day cloud connectivity technologies.

In the early days of cloud computing, both software and hardware were homogeneous. This has evolved significantly into the cloud infrastructure we see today.

2010 was a significant year with giants including Google, Microsoft and Amazon all launching cloud divisions. This enabled millions of users to enjoy cloud services and saw cloud computing really take off.

With more and more people using cloud computing however, there has been a growing demand for a direct cloud connect and private connectivity to provide a more secure and reliable service for users.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Cloud Connectivity

It’s useful to break down the fundamentals of cloud connectivity in order to fully understand how different elements work together:

  • Compute

With cloud connectivity you are able to outsource the computer power required by your server from a cluster of virtual machines within the Cloud. Cloud service providers offer a variety of pre configured machines to suit different types of workload.

  • Storage

A cloud service provider will host your data - which can be anything from files to backups. You won’t need to purchase local hard drives and you can increase storage whenever you need.

  • Database

Databases in the cloud are readily available and easy to scale up or down. They are managed by a cloud service provider meaning that minimal maintenance is required on your part and any updates will be taken care of automatically.

  • Networking

The cloud enables you to provide a global pathway to distribute your application wherever you need to. The high speed network connection within cloud service provider infrastructures can support businesses who require the best download speeds and minimal interruptions to their day to day workflow.

  • Security         

Cloud connectivity gives you greater control over levels of encryption and decryption as well as being able to authenticate and manage users and services.

Exploring Different Cloud Connect Services

Want to know more about cloud connect services? It’s useful to understand the four key types of cloud computing:

  1. Private Clouds
  2. Public Clouds
  3. Hybrid Clouds
  4. Multi Clouds

There are a number of different cloud connect services including:

  • Direct Ethernet cloud connect
  • Wave cloud connect
  • MPLS IP VPN cloud connect
  • SD WAN cloud connect

Cloud Connect and Edge Computing

With the rise of cloud computing, traditional data centres simply can’t keep up as demand for faster and more responsive applications grows. Edge computing offers an excellent solution with a range of networks and devices that are at or near the user.

Edge Computing processes data closer to its generation point - allowing greater processing speeds and enabling greater volumes of data to be processed.

Other benefits of Edge Computing include improvements in:

  • Latency
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating Cost

The Role of Networking in Cloud Connectivity

In cloud connectivity, the network serves as a link between the end user consuming cloud services, and the cloud service provider’s data centres which are providing the services.

A fast network is essential for cloud connectivity, and a high level of reliability is also required.

Networking plays a key role in cloud connectivity by allowing people to connect and communicate using internal and external resources.

Cloud Connectivity Solutions With Glide

As a market leader in utilities, broadband and connectivity, we understand the ways that Cloud Connectivity solutions can dramatically change the way that your business operates.

At Glide we bring infrastructure to difficult to serve markets over our fully owned and constantly evolving fibre network. We want to enable you to work as efficiently and securely as possible and evolve into the new digital era of the cloud wherever you are.

Finding the right cloud connectivity solution for your business can transform the way that you work, so get in touch with us today to find out more.